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Make a voodoo doll of someone

In one episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, a woman creates a voodoo doll of her Jerk Ass boss and jabs a needle into its arm.
In an episode of Seed, Zoey's grandmother erroneously believes that Harry is the je eigen logo maken man who knocked Zoey up and left her to raise the child alone for nine years (Zoey is actually a lesbian and Harry was just the sperm donor).
In the video for Snoop Dogg 's "From Da Chuuuch to Da Palace a young boy uses an action figure of Snoop to (unwittingly) cause all sorts of mayhem.
The Simpsons : Near the end of episode "The Joy Of Sect kentekenplaat laten maken Moe pokes a voodoo doll of Barney in the belly with a miniature beer bottle, which makes Barney crave a drink.Kvothe uses an even more grisly version, stabbing an actual human corpse to maim people nearby.Scooby decides to see if they actually work by poking a pin into the butt of the Shaggy doll.Fan Fic Film In Blair Witch, the group wake up to find their camp surrounded by stick figures hanging from the trees, one of which has a clump of Talia's hair woven into.It gets Tychus instead.Karl Edward Wagner 's story "More Sinned Against" gives this an especially warped twist.When actual dolls are involved their exact shape and size is irrelevant provided they approximate whatever is supposed to be affected, they are connected through blood or hair to the affected party.Web Original Gary, My Possession is a short film shot from the perspective of a kid using a voodoo doll to torture another kid that he really, really, doesn't like.Before you can do that however, and it doesnt matter how you acquired the doll, you will need to increase your Mischief skill to at least level.Well then you would probably want to release all those pent up witch skills and a mean evil streak in The Sims 4 and what better way to do it then have other Sims do your bidding thanks to a voodoo doll!

At the end of the episode, Gilligan decides to get back at him by making a voodoo doll of him and, despite Skipper saying it takes practice to make voodoo work, Gilligan inadvertently drove the witch doctor from the island when he stabbed the doll.
In Robert Bloch 's "Sweets to the Sweet Creepy Child Irma makes a wax doll of her abusive father, rendering him bedridden and unable to carry out his regular beatings of her.
If you throw it in lava while in the Underworld, it causes Wall Of Flesh to spawn in addition to killing the guide normally, which turns on hardmode for your world if defeated.The hoodoo witch also regularly torments her assistant by using the magical dough to turn him into a mouse.It's all in their heads).Webcomics God pulls it on Satan in this Sinfest strip.In The Great Mouse Detective, Ratigan has a voodoo doll of Basil with several pins poked into.And contrary to what Hollywood shows, they aren't just for torture.

In one episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, the gang search a hutch owned by a witch and find a bunch of voodoo dolls that look like them, made by the witch to scare them away.
When Harry gets hold of the doll he decides to store the doll between two Playboy magazines just in case it really works.