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How to make a tornado

how to make a tornado

Excel High School offers accredited.
Ride with an experienced chaser origineel cadeau gouden bruiloft to learn before going it alone.
Try adding different things to the mixture such as oil and food coloring.
Upload a picture for other readers to see.
Question Can I do it with different sized bottles?Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle with this fun science experiment for kids.In 1990 a group of people came together to share an extraordinary ambition to construct a brand new Peppercorn A1 how to make a big building in minecraft Pacific. .This is your "tornado." Ask questions: Why is it spinning?

After a few seconds of spinning, you should see the water begin to swirl in the center.
2, add dish soap.
The author(s) of these pages and the contents therein is (are) not responsible for any of your actions as a result of what you see here!4, learn why the water is spinning.Test the cap with your hand.2, spin the bottle.Explanation: The swirling motion you give the bottle forms a vortex and is a easy way to create your own tornado.

Question Can I put things like plastic bands inside to make it look like a tornado?
You use dish soap, not dishwasher soap.